It has been a year or so since i was introduced to Pinterest. I didn’t understand much at first (i believe most people don’t) but i was intrigued. All these beautiful photos kept me there and made me want to collect – just that – collect. Eventhough i created some boards, i was just collecting beautiful pictures.

The time passed and today i have replpinterestaced my morning cigarette with Pinterest! Sounds kind of crazy i know, especially if you are a smoker like i was, but believe me this is my reality now. I have discovered so many interesting things and not only that, i have discovered a new way of organizing, eating, working out, researching and many more. However, at some point it became a really really really big collection of interesting things i would not do…ever! So i started “making things from Pinterest”. Some of them good, some of them bad, some horrible! It was fun though, so i kept on trying.

For the past couple of months everything we eat at my home is “from Pinterest”, at least this is what P. says.  I told him today that i am starting a blog to commit a bit more on my journey to try all of my pins and at the same time maybe help some people pick the good ones. He said, “you do everything from Pinterest anyway so why not share?” He made me smile…

I am a total amateur with a bit more curiosity than the average human being and some free time in my hands to discover new things. I hope you come along and enjoy this ride with me because i have no idea where this train is going.

That’s it! Let the fun begin and pin pin pin!





Review on 30day fat burn / www.topinornot.wordpress.com

30 day fat burn challenge

I think I began to like challenges through Pinterest. I am not sure though. It is intriguing for me to keep up with a special schedule that is required in order to complete a challenge.

I was trying to participate in some challenges with little expectations at first but I think I am getting better at it every time I try a new one or start the same all over again.

About a month ago I decided to try the 30day Fat Burn Challenge. I have to burn fat, what can I say, and looking at the girls… made me want to try it.

 30dayfatburnchallenge topinornot

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sugarfree pumpkin spice coffee syrup www.topinornot.wordpress.com

sugar free pumpkin spice coffee syrup

A few days ago I cooked the creamy butternut squash pasta which was amazing by the way and if you haven’t tried it you should.

I boiled a bit too much pumpkin though and I pureed all of it. After I used what I needed for my recipe I was left with some extra puree.

sugar free pumpkin coffee syrup / www.topinornot.wordpress.com

It was afternoon and a hot coffee seemed like a good idea. I knew I had some recipes for coffee + pumpkin pinned. I went through my “files” and found this one from a teaspoon of happiness. It looked delicious plus it was SUGAR FREE!

“I am soooo doing this right now” i thought to myself and went for it!

It is really such and amazing recipe and totally guilt free. I did my small changes of course, but that’s me, I can’t leave anything as it is!

The syrup was still boiling and I was already making my espresso, the smell was so good, I cannot describe it, for me it smelled like Christmas. Read More

don’t compare yourself…

compare yourself / www.topinornot.wordpress.com

This post is not about exactly testing a pin. It’s more about the inspirational aspect of Pinterest.

Last week has not been so good for me, I wasn’t feeling very much myself, so I indulged in various “temptations”. I did not work out like I usually do and I totally overeat! I mean really overeat!

Monday morning I woke up feeling awful, physically and psychologically. It is that thing with goals that you need  to change your habits in order to achieve them, that makes them such a burden sometimes. You just feel like you are the only person that doesn’t have the discipline it takes like everyone does and then you start comparing. Usually that comparison itself is misleading in every possible way, but once you take that turn there is no way back! I know that subject alone could make a huge post but I will prefer to split it in various ones so I will just reveal my goal. Read More

creamy butternut squash pasta / www.topinornot.wordpress.com

creamy butternut squash pasta

It is that time of the year that pumpkin or butternut squash (i guess it is the same thing actually) is at its peek. I was really eager to try some for myself. I have read about all the amazing health benefits of butternut squash and I have collected so many recipes that I did not know where to start. I knew I have to include it in our diet and my curiosity about the taste of cooked pumpkin had me on fire.

So I went and bought half a pumpkin from the grocery store near my house. I bought half because that was the smallest they had at the time. I have never cooked this stuff and i had no idea what to expect.

creamy butternut squash pasta / www.topinornot.wordpress.com

I was looking at it but was not sure where to start. How do you cut this thing? Read More

yoga for beginners combo *1

One of the things i enjoy most in my life is yoga. I have been doing yoga for the past 6 years but it has been an on / off relationship. To my dissapointment, mostly off. A few months ago i started again and promised myself i will never stop. It was kind of a strange period of my life and i needed something to take the edge off. I couldn’t really afford to go to a studio, neither had i known of a good one around.

I started looking around the web until i bumped on Pinterest again. I was still new to pinning so it was not my first choice at the time (if only i new…). Through searching and collecting, collecting and searching, i have gathered treasures. If you are looking to start doing yoga for the first time, or you have been off the mat for quite some time, I believe this collection can inspire you to get into it. It should also save you time from trying stuff that are not quite so good.

yoga for beginners combo1 / www.topinornot.wordpress.com

Let’s begin with two online videos that will balance you and at the same time get you back on track. Read More